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Sunday, May 25, 2008


Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 1(2006) Onwards

Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (AJPS) provides the forum for reporting innovations, production methods, technologies, initiatives and the application of scientific knowledge to all aspects of pharmaceutics, including controlled drug release systems, drug targeting, physical pharmacy, pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacogenomics, biopharmaceutics, drug and prodrug design, pharmaceutical analysis, drug stability, quality control, pharmaceutical engineering and material sciences, in the form of expert forums, reviews, full research papers and short communications. More details

Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 25, Issue 3-4(2001) Onwards

The Thai Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences (TJPS) is a quarterly journal published officially by Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chulalongkorn University,Bangkok, Thailand. It is to serve the interests of the research-oriented and professional section in the fields of pharmaceutical sciences. The current emphasis of the journal includes (but is not limited to) the following areas: pharmaceutical technology, drug delivery systems, pharmaceutical chemistry, clinical pharmacology, pharmaceutical care, pharmaceutical biosciences, by publishing original research work and review articles. More details

Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 46, Issue 4(2002) Onwards

This journal aims to;
To promote the advancement of Physiology, Pharmacology and Allied Sciences in India
To arrange scientific meetings and group discussions amongst persons interested in the above mentioned sciences in India.
To help to standardize and raise the level of Teaching and Research in Physio1og,Pharmacology, and allied sciences in Indian Universities and other Teaching and Research institutions in India.
The Journal is published by The Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India
More details

Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 1 (2006) Onwards

This journal publish papers in different fields of pharmacutical sciences in search of new therapies for diseases or introducing a new diagnostic tool. Special emphasis is on the review articles which addresses contemporary clinical issues. More details

The Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 23 (2001) Onwards

The Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology (Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol.) aims to provide an interdisciplinary platform for the dissemination of current knowledge and advances in science and technology. Areas covered include Agricultural and Biological Sciences, Biotechnology and Agro-Industry, Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Engineering and Industrial Research, Environment and Natural Resources, and Physical Sciences and Mathematics. Songklanakarin Journal of Science and Technology publishes original research work, either as full length articles or as short communications, technical articles, review articles, invited articles and special issues. More details

Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 1 (2006) Onwards

Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology (Bangladesh J Pharmacol) is the official publication of the Bangladesh Pharmacological Society (BDPS). It is a peer- reviewed journal having print and online version. The printed version is published twice in a year (June and December). The open access online version is published immediately after acceptance. The journal seeks to promote research, exchange of scientific information, consideration of regulatory mechanisms that affect drug development and utilization, and medical education. More details

PLoS Negleted Tropical Diseases

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 1 (2007) Onwards

PLoS Neglected Tropical Diseases (eISSN 1935-2735) is the first open-access journal devoted to the world's most neglected tropical diseases (NTDs), such as elephantiasis, river blindness, leprosy, hookworm, schistosomiasis, and African sleeping sickness. The journal publishes high-quality, peer-reviewed research on all scientific, medical, and public-health aspects of these forgotten diseases affecting the world's forgotten people. More details

International Journal of Pharmacology

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 1 (2005) Onwards

International Journal of Pharmacology publishes full-length papers, review articles and short communications on the mechanisms of action of chemical substances affecting biological systems. The journal also considers short reviews (not exceeding 12 pages in print) intended to debate recent advances in rapidly developing fields that are within its scope.
International Journal of Pharmacology is a broad-based journal giving leading international coverage of all aspects of pharmacology. More details

Acta Chimica Slovenica

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 45 (1998) Onwards

Acta Chimica Slovenica (ACSi) provides a forum for the publication of original and significant work in the chemical and closely related areas of research. Reviews, scientific and technical articles, and short communications are welcome. In the appendix, the journal publishes book reviews, industrial achievements, announcements, and Society news. The journal is published quarterly, and full text version of the papers published since 1998 to date are available free of cost at http://acta.chem-soc.si in Acrobat portable document format. More details


Full Text Issues Available: Volume 2000 Onwards

ARKIVOC publishes Full Papers describing sound original work that is of interest to organic chemists (including bio-organic, organometallic and physical-organic chemists). ARKIVOC journal is published by ARKAT USA. Inc which was established in 2000 through a personal donation from Alan and Linde Katritzky. It is duly registered as a charity. ARKAT USA, Inc is a not-for-profit entity designed to enhance chemical research worldwide and hence to benefit researchers, students, commercial and noncommercial enterprises and humanity in general by increasing opportunity and efficiency and reducing waste of materials, time and effort. Although chemical literature is snowballing, probably 90% of the research carried out is never published in the open, readily accessible literature; thus, the electronic age offers a real alternative. More details

Croatia Chemica Acta

Full Text Issues Available: Volume 71 (1998) Onwards

CROATICA CHEMICA ACTA is an international journal devoted to the publication of papers from all fields of chemistry. Four issues are published annually.
CCA publishes Original scientific papers, Notes, Preliminary communications, Author's reviews, Reviews, Feature articles, Conference papers, Essays and Data bank contributions. In the appendix, the Journal publishes Letters to the Editor, book reviews, obituaries and Croatian Chemical Society news.
CROATICA CHEMICA ACTA is supported by the
Ministry of Science and Technology of the Republic of Croatia
and to some extent the funds are provided by subscriptions and advertisements.
CROATICA CHEMICA Acta is referred to in Chemical Abstracts, Science Citation Index, Current Contents (Physical, Chemical and Earth Sciences), Cambridge Structural Database System (CSD System), Chemical Titles. More details

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