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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The 1st Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences (Open Access)

The research within pharmaceutical sciences is progressing fast and simultaneously, activities within both industry and academy are becoming more globalized. Successful research requires interaction with several units around the world. We are facing an obvious need for new types of communication within our scientific community. Sciforum.net electronic conferences provide a platform for fast exchange of the latest research findings, as well as a possibility for global meetings with no limitations related to travelling.

The Electronic Conference on Pharmaceutical Sciences 2011 (ECPS 2011; http://www.sciforum.net/home) will cover timely research topics within pharmaceutical sciences. The first session will focus on the recent developments within nanosciences (Section A). The second session has a focus on imaging techniques with a specific aim of improving our current understanding of the performance of dosage forms (Section B). The third session is related to the field of manufacturing sciences - recent introduction of Quality by Design (QbD) and Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) concepts is underlining the need of fundamental research in this area (Section C). The last session will provide insights into the latest developments in the field of delivery systems for peptide and protein drugs (Section D).

Time Schedule
•Deadline for Abstract Submission: 17 January 2011
•Notification of Acceptance: 7 February 2011
•Deadline for Submission of Full Paper: 20 February 2011
Forum Open: 1-31 March 2011

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