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Monday, May 30, 2011

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - 1980's (Free Access Anniversary Issue)

Celebrate the 50 year anniversary of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences by revisiting past articles in addition to the journal's current contributions to pharmaceutical science. This special virtual issue brings you a collection of distinguished articles from each decade for a limited time with free access.

Ronald T. Borchardt

A Brief History of the Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences' First 50 Years
Thomas E. Menighan

Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences - 1980's

Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling: Principles and applications
Leonard E. Gerlowski, Rakesh K. Jain

Enantioselective aspects of drug action and disposition: Therapeutic pitfalls
F. Jamali, R. Mehvar, F. M. Pasutto

Solubility and partitioning I: Solubility of nonelectrolytes in water
Samuel H. Yalkowsky, Shri C. Valvani

Noncompartmental determination of the steady-state volume of distribution for any mode of administration
Donald Perrier, Michael Mayersohn

Estimation of variance for harmonic mean half-lives
F. C. Lam, C. T. Hung, D. G. Perrier

Hydrophobicity and central nervous system agents: On the principle of minimal hydrophobicity in drug design
Corwin Hansch, J. P. Björkroth, A. Leo

Corneal penetration behavior of β-blocking agents I: Physicochemical factors
Ronald D. Schoenwald, Hong-Shian Huang

Man versus beast: Pharmacokinetic scaling in mammals
Joyce Mordenti

Role of stratum corneum lipid fluidity in transdermal drug flux
Guia M. Golden, James E. McKie, Russell O. Potts

Methods for in vitro percutaneous absorption studies IV: The flow-through diffusion cell
Robert L. Bronaugh, Raymond F. Stewart

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