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Monday, January 9, 2012

PSOAR and PGIAR: Research Article Publication

PSOAR and PGIAR Customized Search Engines For Open Access Scholarly Literature Retrieval Relevant To Pharmaceutical Education And Research. International Journal of Pharmacy Teaching & Practices, 2011, 2(4),139-147.


Background: The advancement of internet and information technology has improved enormously the ways of information retrieval. However, the enormous data in the form of scholarly articles, online thesis or other forms is available on internet which is difficult to search for full text contents.
Aim: To create and maintain custom search engines (CSEs) for Open Access (OA) scholarly literature retrieval and to host them on a single blogsite which will serve as a platform for all the scholarly information requirements.
Methods: We, authors, have compiled Open Access (OA) resources for pharmaceutical sciences. Two custom built search engines PSOAR (Pharmaceutical Sciences Open Access Resources) and PGIAR (Pharmaceutical Guidelines for Industry, Academia & Research) were created and hosted on blogsite http://vikaspsoar.blogspot.com.
Results: Currently PSOAR and PGIAR searches more than 500 and 50 selected resources respectively for open access scholarly literature. Updates for new website additions to these CSEs and other new identified resources are provided as blog updates.
Conclusions: These custom built search engines are helpful to reduce the burden as well as time for scholarly literature retrieval on internet.

For full text pdf visit journal website: http://www.ijptp.iomcworld.com/files/dr.%20Vikas%20article.pdf

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