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Sunday, June 8, 2008

The Journal of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering

Full Text Availability: Volume 1 (2007) Onwards
The Journal of Biomedical & Pharmaceutical Engineering (JBPE) has adopted a viable approach in publishing all articles. All published articles are available for download with full open access, free to anyone, any time, and anywhere in the world. In addition, authors will not be charged for publishing their articles in JBPE. It is imperative to know that the quality of all published articles are subjected to rigorous editorial and peer-reviewed processes. Since all published articles are electronic version, there will be no surcharges for colour, over-length articles, and other factors. All articles are free for viewing, full-text searching, downloading and further distribution for non-commercial purposes, on condition that the authors and JBPE are duly acknowledged. More details

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