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Saturday, June 7, 2008

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Full Text Availability: Vol 1 (1996)Onwards

Health Care and Informatics Review OnlineTM is a quarterly series dedicated to reviewing and interpreting significant developments in healthcare delivery. The focus is on knowledge gained through the practical experience of managing health issues and the material is relevant to a wide variety of managers and practitioners.

Health Care and Informatics Review OnlineTM is published with the support of the New Zealand Ministry of Health. The Ministry supports and encourages continual improvement of care and services in the health and disability sector and recognises the role of Health Care and Informatics Review Online in sharing experience, disseminating information and advancing discussion in the important area of clinical informatics.

The objective of Health Care and Informatics Review OnlineTM is to facilitate the exchange of ideas and develop a widely accessible resource of experience in clinical informatics and health delivery. To this end, the Journal is an open service, although access to some areas may be restricted to subscribers at a later date. More details


Full Text Availability: Archived News Section Feb 2008 Onwards and Current Issue Print Archive

Pharmacy Today published a mix of news, business management, retailing advice and drug education for both pharmacists and pharmacy assistants.

Specialised sections:

Clinical Pharmacy - drug updates and other continuing education for pharmacists. Pharmacists who answer the continuing education questions qualify for College of Pharmacists continuing education credits.
Shoptalk - news, features and drug information for pharmacy assistants

Regular features
Company profiles. A two-page advertorial feature each month, written by Pharmacy Today journalists and supported by two full pages of advertising. A great opportunity to tell pharmacists about the direction your business is heading in partnership with pharmacy, and the people in it. Run-Ons on heavier stock available.

More details

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