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Monday, June 16, 2008

Oxford Open Initiative

Oxford University Press (OUP) is an international publisher of academic and research journals of over 200 journals, many in partnership with the world’s leading prestigious learned societies.

The Oxford Open (launched in July 2005) initiative expands Oxford Journal's experiments with Open Access publishing models.

A full Open Access model for the whole of Nucleic Acid Research
An optional Open Access model for approximately 60 participating journals
Full Open Access for the journal DNA Research
A mixed Open Access model for the journal Evidence-based Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Through the above mentioned OA initiatives OUP aims to maximize dissemination of research information, whilst maintaining the highest standards of quality and integrity. It also affords the opportunity to share our findings and experiences with the community at large, thus benefiting scholarly communication in the widest sense.

Articles published under the Oxford Open model are made freely available online immediately upon publication, as part of a long-term archive, without subscription barriers to access. The publisher has chosen to implement the Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial license for articles published under the Oxford Open model. This policy means that users have unrestricted rights to re-use Open Access content for educational and research purposes but not for commercial purposes.

Authors who choose to participate in the Oxford Open initiative and pay to have their paper freely available online are also entitled to deposit a post-print* of their accepted manuscript and/or the finally published version of the article into an institutional or centrally organized subject repository, immediately upon publication. This is provided that they include a link to the published version of the article on the journal's web site, and that the journal and OUP are attributed as the original place of publication, with correct citations given.

Oxford Open Articles Avaialability at PMC
Oxford Journals automatically deposits open access articles in PubMed Central (PMC) for the majority of journals participating in Oxford Open. For a list of journals involved and for the latest information on the status of PMC deposits for individual journals please review journals which offer an open access model.

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